Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

Many industries rely on chemical and biochemical engineering expertise to maintain a competitive advantage, while operating their facilities efficiently, economically, and safely. Processes at these facilities commonly combine hazardous materials, innovative technologies, and interconnected equipment resulting in a high degree of technical complexity. At Exponent, our chemical and biochemical engineering consulting staff possesses a wide variety of project experience, research specialties, and industry experience needed to understand these complex problems. Whether combined with our interdisciplinary network or utilized as a specialty expertise, our chemical and biochemical engineers use their knowledge and experience to deliver valuable, impactful solutions.

Our Approach

With almost 50 years of experience in helping clients understand, evaluate, and improve chemical and biochemical processes at their facilities and in their products, Exponent is a leading consulting firm in solving the most challenging and complex interdisciplinary engineering problems. We combine our experience from reactive failure analysis with our interdisciplinary internal network of experts, substantial laboratory facilities, and over 750 technical consultants to tackle the most complicated challenges that clients face. Exponent’s consulting staff is located throughout 20 offices in the United States and 6 offices internationally, giving Exponent the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to problems across the globe.

Examples of Our Services

Our project experience includes evaluating decisions spanning the different phases of a facility’s life cycle, such as supply chain evaluation, technology assessment, market and intellectual property analyses, equipment selection and modification, and process optimization. Our team of technical professionals helps clients understand the causes of, and solutions to, the problems they encounter with their processes and products. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Engineering services
    • Design review and feasibility study
    • Local, state, and national governmental regulation support (OSHA, FDA, EPA, USDA)
    • Technology and techno-economic assessments
    • Technology development
    • Competitive market analysis
    • Product performance assessment and development support
  • Process optimization
    • Process performance evaluation
    • Heat exchanger design analysis and energy integration
    • Process dynamics and control system analysis
    • Process data analysis
    • Process economics evaluation
    • Piping network analysis
  • Proactive safety services
    • Risk assessment
    • Safety analysis
    • Process hazard analysis (PHA), failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), fault tree analysis (FTA), and hazard and operability study (HAZOP), layer of protection analysis (LOPA)
    • Probabilistic risk analysis
    • Site security and vulnerability analysis
    • Process safety management (PSM) systems analysis
    • Process data analysis, fault detection, and fault diagnosis
  • Investigative services
    • Accident and incident investigation
    • Failure analysis
    • Root cause analysis
    • Litigation and insurance claim support
    • Intellectual property and patent support
  • Chemical reaction engineering and materials chemistry
    • Chemical kinetics evaluation and reaction engineering
    • Catalyst evaluation
    • Material selection and compatibility assessment
    • Material characterization (e.g., polymers, semiconductors, solvents)
    • Polymer and complex fluid assessment (e.g. gaskets, membranes, ion exchange resins, viscosity modifiers)
    • Defect and contamination assessment



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