Indoor Test Facility

The Indoor Test Facility (ITF) houses a number of the test and evaluation capabilities offered at Exponent’s Test and Engineering Center. Several specialty labs, including the electrical test lab, the anechoic chamber, and the motion capture studio are inside the ITF. The impact sled and an inspection room, equipped for specialized photographic inspection and documentation, are also located inside the ITF. The remaining 10,000 sqft of high-bay space provides a flexible and reconfigurable climate-control environment that is used to perform quasi-static load tests, impact tests, drop tests, full scale automobile inversion and spin tests, and more. Project requirements often prescribe that new test fixtures be developed or that the ITF be reconfigured to accommodate a new test program or a short-term product prototyping, design, and assembly area. As needed, the Exponent team can use the flexibility afforded by the ITF to meet these project needs.

The ITF facilities include:

  • Electrical test lab
  • Sled impact facility
  • Roll spit  
  • Inverted drop facility
  • High-speed photography and video processing equipment
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic load frames
  • Anechoic chamber for RF testing 
  • Motion capture studio