Environmental Chemistry & Geochemistry

An aerial view of a river surrounded by green grass. Exponent exposure assessments, environmental forensics, and remediation support.

Objectively identify sources and levels of chemical contamination

Environmental chemistry and geochemistry expertise is vital for acquiring accurate, actionable understanding of contaminant sources and their impacts. Exponent provides unparalleled environmental chemistry consulting services for site and exposure assessments, environmental forensics, and remediation to support regulatory and litigation requirements.

Chemical analyses with advanced chemistry and geochemistry techniques.

Environmental chemistry and geochemistry provide the necessary tools for detecting, identifying, and categorizing contaminants in air, water, sediment, and soil. Analytical chemistry ranging from concentration data to isotope data helps demystify impacted environmental media, enabling the discovery of contamination sources as well as the extent of their impact. Project success and successful remediation ultimately depend on identifying compound classes and levels, evaluating data quality, and utilizing analytical and statistical tools for site-specific issues.

Exponent's environmental chemistry and geochemistry consultants support a wide variety of regulatory and litigation projects related to site characterization, exposure assessments, environmental forensics, and environmental remediation. Our dynamic team has expertise in analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, and process chemistry, and includes specialists in laboratory analyses, data validation, chemical fingerprinting, and geochemical modeling.

At Exponent, our environmental chemists and geochemists advise on a range of applications across industries, routinely working with multidisciplinary scientific and engineering teams on projects involving environmental and earth sciences, human health, ecological risk, fires and explosions, process engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, and metallurgy.

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