Oil Spill Assessment

Oil spill from ship

When catastrophic oil spills occur, we help clients get ahead of communication and cleanup efforts with environmental monitoring and extensive assessments

Exponent is the industry leader in providing oil spill assessments, emergency response, and natural resource damage assessments. Our geospatial analysis and environmental monitoring capabilities have been used in some of the largest high-profile oil spill catastrophes in the world including Amoco Cadiz, Exxon Valdez, Arthur Kill, Haven, and dozens more.

Why is Exponent's multidisciplinary approach unique for solving complex environmental challenges?

When oil spills occur, it is critical to quickly understand the environmental impact using geographic information systems (GIS), satellite technologies, aerial photographs, and historical data. With more than 50 years of experience in assessing the impacts associated with oil spills, Exponent leverages cutting-edge monitoring tools, historical data, and modeling software to provide in-depth information to help clients navigate the difficult path forward after an oil spill.

Our consultants provide services to most of the major international oil companies, as well as pipeline, oilfield engineering design, and service companies. In addition, our scientists have supported U.S. and international governments in responding to and assessing spill impacts.

Emergency environmental response: cleanup monitoring chemistry

Rapid environmental response is critical to effective oil spill management. Exponent scientists are on call for immediate response to oil spill incidents and have expertise in oil spill and crisis management.

Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) and monitoring

Since the first regulations were promulgated, Exponent has been a pioneer and trusted consultant on NRDA issues. Our teams have unparalleled experience with supporting industry in the area of NRDAs under the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) and under state claims. 

Database development

Exponent has developed a customizable database and interface to store, summarize, and display environmental data from a wide variety of sites and oil spill investigations. Analytical data, photographs, chromatograms, and scanned documents can be linked to individual data points.

Geospatial analysis

Our team has evaluated the impacts of different oil spill response strategies on shoreline and marine habitats and ecology with state-of-the-art geospatial analysis, geographic information systems, and more.


In addition to analyses and assessments, Exponent has conducted oil spill training programs and seminars for clients worldwide. The training includes environmental issues and response strategies and methods that are part of short- and long-term response efforts.


For 50+ years, we've thrived on solving unstructured problems that require bespoke solutions. Some of our services include:

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