Food Processing

Machinery is a ubiquitous part of food processing facilities. Comprising conveyors, boilers, pasteurizers, mixers, and a multitude of other equipment types, machinery for food processing plays a vital role in the industry. Exponent has the expertise to diagnose and solve the most challenging problems encountered with food processing machinery and machinery processes. We can quickly assemble multidisciplinary teams specifically tailored to solving the problem at hand.


  • Failure Analysis: Exponent has extensive experience in performing root cause analyses in response to equipment failure or other equipment problems, and we can figure out what happened (or is happening) and why. We have experts from a range of disciplines, including but not limited to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, thermal sciences, materials and corrosion, and polymer science, among others, who function as a team to get the correct answer.

  • Machinery Processes: Exponent has the expertise to evaluate equipment processes and manufacturing lines that are not functioning as expected. Through equipment inspections, analysis of specifications and requirements, and other investigative techniques specific to the issue at hand, Exponent can help pinpoint the problem or problems encountered by the system.

  • Intellectual Property: Exponent has assisted clients in a wide range of patent, trade dress, and trade secret issues in the food processing space. Whether analyzing validity and infringement of patents, valuation of an IP portfolio, or misappropriation of trade secrets, Exponent’s multi-disciplinary expertise gives us unique ability to perform robust analysis and communicate the findings clearly and succinctly to technical, legal, and lay audiences.

  • Safety: Safety considerations are of paramount importance when evaluating both individual components in a food processing facility as well as assessing the system as a whole. Exponent has extensive experience evaluating equipment, facilities, and processes for safety-related concerns. In the unfortunate event of an accident, Exponent can evaluate the state of the equipment and procedures in place at the time of the accident to determine whether or not any overall safety deficiencies existed at that time and what can be done to improve the situation going forward. Exponent can also proactively examine safety aspects of equipment and plants in order to improve safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents happening in the future.