Chemical Fate & Transport

Heavy smog over the city. Exponent helps you accurately assess environmental impacts and business liabilities associated with contamination.

Assess the potential impact of contamination

State-of-the-art chemical fate and transport assessments require a broad understanding of chemical movement in air, water, and subsurface water, as well as the physical, chemical, and biological processes that influence the ultimate chemical disposition in the environment. With decades of experience as a globally recognized expert in the assessment of chemical fate and transport, Exponent can help your business accurately assess environmental impacts and liabilities from contamination.

Chemical fate and transport consulting for regulatory compliance and dispute support.

Exponent provides rigorous assessment for challenging and novel environmental impacts, applying multidisciplinary expertise to evaluate the source, mechanism, and timing of environmental chemical releases. Our environmental scientists and engineers work closely with ecological and health scientists to understand exposure and effects and help navigate disputes and manage regulatory requirements.

Exponent's chemical fate and transport consulting services cover a broad spectrum of chemical contaminants across air, water, groundwater, soil, soil vapor, surface sediment, and house dust. We help clients understand all aspects of their challenge by leveraging our experts in hydrology, meteorology, microbiology, thermal and structural engineering, and investigative and failure analysis.

Exponent's scientists and engineers have published hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles on chemical fate and transport topics, such as the sources of chemicals, changes that occur when they are released to different environments, the transport of these chemicals, reconstruction of historical chemical releases, and exposure assessments. Our work combines empirical data, basic principles of chemistry and microbiology, and fate and transport models, and we've been recognized globally for our investigations, expert opinions, and publications on the fate and transport of chemicals in toxic tort, property damage, cost allocation, and Natural Resource Damage Assessment cases.

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