Life Prediction & Fitness for Service

Risk & Safety Analysis​ [ME]

Mechanical components, systems, and equipment assessments

Exponent engineers provide quantitative life-prediction and fitness-for-service assessments for mechanical components and systems across various industries.

How can Exponent's quantitative life-prediction and fitness-for-service assessments help your budget forecasting and equipment replacement decisions?

Exponent leads in developing and improving programs designed to augment integrity management, increase operational safety, and meet or exceed regulatory and industry standards. Our engineers have extensive experience applying established and customized life-prediction and fitness-for-service evaluation methods to determine the serviceability of damaged components and establish appropriate re-inspection intervals for life-limited components. Predictive analyses provide important insights for equipment replacement and budget forecasting. When used in a proactive manner, they can minimize the potential for failures in both the manufacturing and service sectors.

Exponent is highly skilled and experienced at analyzing the effects of damage mechanisms — including fatigue, creep, wear, and corrosion — on the structural integrity and serviceability of mechanical components across a variety of industries. From work on coronary medical stents to aircraft engines, buried pipelines, steam turbines, ship hulls, and microelectronics — Exponent provides objective insights on life prediction and fitness for service.

We maintain cutting-edge analysis tools and have the expertise to perform reliable life prediction and fitness-for-service evaluations for new, damaged, or worn equipment. Additionally, we have developed both deterministic and probabilistic life simulation approaches to help clients establish appropriate damage control programs for new designs and life extension of existing mechanical components.

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