Energy Generation Distribution & Transmission

Exponent provides multi-disciplinary expertise and rapid response to assist electric utility clients with technical and managerial support services, often in extremely short time frames. Exponent offers its electric utility clients the following:

  • Rapid response and analysis of faults and outages
  • Proven experience on high-profile projects
  • On-site assistance and consulting services during major events and restorations
  • Reliability and accelerated life testing of the control and monitoring systems and components such as monitoring sensors and SCADA systems.
  • Convergence of our skills in risk, reliability, and vulnerability analyses
  • Operational knowledge of the electric transmission and distribution industry, from construction to O&M to public health and environmental risk management.

Exponent professionals have extensive experience and knowledge of synchronous generators, power stations, short-circuit fault analysis and fault calculations, protection system design and coordination, transmission line analysis including the effect of the electric and magnetic fields and right-of-way, DC transmission and converter stations, power system components such as high-voltage transformers and circuit-breakers, high-voltage liquid dielectrics and dielectric testing including environmentally-friendly dielectrics, and new technologies and renewable energies including wind and solar plants.

Working closely with our clients and team members, our engineers have performed analysis of power systems such as the following analyses:

  • Power system analysis and computer modeling
  • Load flow analysis
  • Electric machines and drives
  • Short-circuit fault calculations
  • Switching transients such as capacitor bank switching and fault-removal transients
  • Generator unit control and capability studies
  • Relaying and protection

Additionally, our experts are well versed in power substation equipment analysis, code and regulatory review, stray voltage investigation, Electromagnetic Interference, and electrical equipment safety review.



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