Oval Track, Skid Pad & All-Terrain Area

At the Exponent Test and Engineering Center (TEC), we have developed the facilities, equipment, and experience for conducting and analyzing a wide variety of on-road and off-road vehicle handling and stability tests.  Utilizing our ten-acre skid pad and two-mile oval test track, Exponent can perform on-pavement tests to evaluate vehicle stability and ESC system performance.  Custom test features can be constructed for particular evaluations, such as road-edge terrain and construction zone obstacles.

More than 20 acres of natural landscape accommodates a variety of test areas, including standard features that are commonly used to evaluate off-road capability.  Features include trails, hills, jumps, tabletops, and a dirt skid pad.  Utilizing the latest in photogrammetry, survey, and 3D-Scanning technology, Exponent can document an accident site and re-create elements of the topography at TEC for evaluations.  When key aspects of the accident site no longer exist, Exponent can re-create relevant features aspects using photogrammetric techniques.

Immediate feedback of recorded test data is provided by our custom handling-test data acquisition system.  Instrumentation includes sensors to record the driver’s input, the dynamic response of the vehicle, and a high-accuracy map of the vehicle’s path.  An Automated Steering Controller can be installed if precise and repeatable steering inputs are required.  Light-weight outriggers and other safety equipment are available for the protection of the test drivers.