Ecological & Biological Sciences

Exponent's Ecological and Biological Sciences core practice helps our clients address complex environmental issues related to natural and human interactions as they impact terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Our scientists provide scientifically defensible solutions and strategic support on complex ecological issues involving contamination, natural resource management, land use, sustainability and restoration of resources, and risks of technologies and products to the environment. We have assessed the risks posed by chemicals (e.g., organics, metals), new products (e.g., pesticides), biological stressors (e.g., invasive species), physical alterations (e.g., land use changes, wildfires), and vulnerabilities associated with climate change. Our consultants are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the development and implementation of innovative approaches and tools in ecological risk assessment, environmental risk and impact assessment, ecotoxicology, causal analysis, natural resource damage assessment (NRDA), ecological restoration, geospatial and ecological modelling, bioavailability evaluation of chemicals to human and ecological receptors.

Our practice is composed of a diverse group of professionals with expertise in a variety of disciplines, including terrestrial and aquatic biology, botany, chemistry, microbiology, ecology, toxicology, genomics, fisheries, oceanography, limnology, environment and wildlife management, natural resource economics, statistics, programming, modeling, and geospatial analysis. Our consultants work closely with other Exponent practices such as the Environmental Science, Health and Engineering practices to understand the ecological and human factors in multifaceted and complex projects. Our clients recognize our interdisciplinary and holistic approach combined with detailed technical analysis to find pragmatic solutions in large, complex projects with multiple stakeholders, providing the insight needed for making strategic decisions.



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