Threatened & Endangered Species Assessment

Adverse effects to endangered and threatened species represent one of the highest profile environmental issues of our time. A wide range of human activities can potentially affect endangered species, including agriculture, dredging, timber management, industrial activities, power generation and water management. Endangered and threatened species are found among all the various different taxonomic groups, such as mammals and birds, fish, aquatic invertebrates such as crustaceans and mollusks, and insects, reptiles, amphibians, and plants. A number of federal and state agencies are involved in enforcement of endangered and threatened species regulations and evaluations of potential impacts of activities on endangered and threatened species. In addition, environmental organizations are very active in monitoring the possible effects of all of these diverse activities on endangered species and litigating against EPA concerning potential effects on endangered and threatened species.

Exponent brings a well-trained, diverse group of regulatory and scientific consultants to bear on endangered and threatened species issues. Our team includes consultants with knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations, plus those with complementary scientific expertise, to address a client’s potential issues with endangered and threatened species. This scientific expertise includes biology, chemistry, toxicology, agronomy, and others that may be needed to address a specific endangered and threatened species issue. Exponent assists clients determine the likely outcome of a regulatory agency evaluation of an endangered and threatened species issue, assist in responding to a regulatory agency determination concerning endangered and threatened species, and develop and evaluate the most effective and efficient mitigation measures to address an endangered and threatened species concern.