Environmental & Earth Sciences

Our environmental scientists and engineers provide cost-effective, scientifically defensible, and realistic assessments and solutions to complex environmental issues. We offer technical, regulatory, and litigation support to industries that include oil and gas, mining and minerals, chemicals, forest products, railroads, and aerospace, as well as trade associations and municipal and government clients. Our consultants specialize in environmental fate and transport, environmental chemistry and forensics, hydrogeology, air toxics, modeling and monitoring, water quality and water supply, data analytics, remediation consulting, environmental engineering and waste management, climate impacts, genetics and genomics, and evaluation of environmental and social risks. Our work regularly involves complex, high-profile environmental problems and issues, often the focus of disputes involving water resources as well as environmental or toxic tort claims, where evaluation of contamination and historical reconstruction of events, releases, and doses are central to problem resolution. We provide strategic and advisory consulting on risk mitigation, planning, and regulatory issues.



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