Environmental Data & Analytics

More environmental data are available now than ever before. Environmental data may include public disclosures, compliance reporting, routine monitoring, results from past investigations, and internal organizational data. Exponent’s Environmental Data and Analytics (EDA) team generates value from these data using innovative approaches, classical statistics, and modern analytical tools. We understand the value of data from a user’s perspective, and presents analysis results using data visualization tools that enable stakeholders to assimilate complex technical concepts.

Early engagement allows the EDA team to provide guidance for collecting data that support scientific and business decision-making and litigation efforts. Exponent has provided data and analytics services for industrial, big data, litigation, new complex capital, and external support projects, including high-profile oil spills, chemical releases, major contaminated sites, and toxic tort cases.

Environmental data come in many shapes and sizes. While careful thought usually goes into collection of data, questions that may go unanswered once the data set has been generated include: 

  • What are the intended uses of the data set?
  • What else can you learn from the data?
  • How do you optimally manage the data?
  • How do you understand and use the data most effectively?
  • Who needs to use these data? Who else could use it and how?
  • How defensible and legally admissible are the data?

ED&A Graphic

Because these questions often go unanswered, data sets are frequently underutilized and undervalued. Exponent scientists bring expertise in working with “big data” to bear on clients’ problems and needs, often bringing unexpected benefit.

Our EDA team provides clients with the support and resources needed to organize and analyze data, to evaluate data usability and fitness, and to graphically present analysis findings in compelling demonstratives. We focus on using data to support scientific hypothesis testing, scientific and business decision making, and litigation efforts.



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