Water & Wastewater Treatment, Management & Recycling

One of the most challenging areas that private and public sectors face is the efficient use, conservation, and protection of the water supply. Environmental and social factors such as extended droughts, climate change, and population growth, drive the need for development and treatment of new non-conventional water sources. Whether it is developing technologies that use water, securing reliable water supplies, or implementing health strategies to protect users, clients need services from an independent scientific advisor to evaluate the performance of existing processes and assess viability of new technologies.

We work with water agencies, municipalities, beverage manufacturers, and home owners to address water systems that fail to meet standards, and we perform investigations to determine the cause of infrastructure and equipment failures and to allocate responsibility. We also work with industrial clients and municipalities to identify and remedy the causes of process upsets that prevent adequate treatment of wastewater.

Exponent professionals provide technical and strategic consulting on regulatory and policy issues related to water resources. Our experts work with clients to identify and develop reliable sources of water, to resolve strategic questions concerning the use and reuse of conventional and non-conventional water supplies, and to resolve issues related to water rights for surface and groundwater supplies and for non-conventional water sources.

Exponent’s unique capabilities include civil, chemical, environmental and process engineers, who can evaluate and optimize water treatment systems and processes, and extend to internationally-recognized construction engineers, structural engineers, and reinforced concrete experts who investigate infrastructure-related failures. Our Technology Development Practice assists in simplification of system data acquisition and allows Exponent staff to remotely monitor and troubleshoot.

Exponent’s scientists and engineers are devising innovative and practical means of recovering waste pharmaceuticals to prevent their entry into rivers and lakes. We test new treatment technologies to demonstrate their ability to rapidly and effectively treat wastewater to allow recovery and reuse, and we evaluate innovative natural treatment systems that return clean water to the environment.

Exponent services include: 

  • Analyzing process, operation, and equipment failures in support of litigation or litigation defense 
  • Testing new treatment technologies and products to assess efficacy and efficiency 
  • Conducting process evaluations to determine the cause of upsets and circumstances associated with the upsets 
  • Designing innovative natural treatment systems to treat wastewater and return treated water to the environment 
  • Developing novel industrial water treatment and reuse systems to reduce water demand and meet wastewater treatment requirements 
  • Evaluating water supplies and treatment technologies to meet clients’ water requirements
  • Evaluating regulatory and policy issues related to the development of both conventional and non-conventional sources of water
  • Identifying practical solutions to water rights issues for surface and groundwater supplies.



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