Failure Analysis of Plastics, Rubbers & Composite Materials

Quality analysis [PSMC]

Rigorous failure analysis testing of polymer and composite materials

When polymers, plastic, or composite materials crack, break, or fail to perform, Exponent employs a wide array of methods and techniques to assist our clients with root-cause failure analysis.

How does Exponent help you isolate variables and provide evidence-based root cause and failure analysis?

Every industry — from life sciences to oil and gas to consumer products to transportation and food and personal care products — utilizes polymers in their manufacturing process or final product. Polymers are a unique and complex class of materials. When they fail or underperform, it's critical that scientists and engineers who truly understand their formulation-structure-property relationships lead these types of root cause investigations and help clients develop an effective remediation plan. 

Full lifecycle support for diverse industries.

No matter your industry, Exponent has the deep expertise to help you identify vulnerabilities at every point in your product or process lifecycle — whether during the early stage of development or addressing post-market issues.

State-of-the-art laboratory facilities. 

Our state-of-the-art laboratories are located across the United States, Europe, and Asia, and our expert researchers conduct a wide range of stress tests and real-world application tests to learn help you objectively determine why a failure occurred and how to mitigate it.

Straight-forward assessments.

For more than 50 years, our clients have relied on us to provide straightforward assessments, conduct scientifically sound tests, and tell them what they need to hear.

Our Capabilities Are Unparalleled

With expertise in over 90 disciplines and hundreds of capabilities, tools, and methodologies — we get to the root of even the most complex challenges and give you the objective answers you need.


Our global and comprehensive expertise across industries gives us a deep understanding of current challenges, best industry practices, and the implications of emerging technologies.