Materials & Corrosion Engineering

Exponent’s Materials & Corrosion Engineering staff are uniquely suited to investigate and understand materials issues in medical, electronics, transportation, infrastructure, oil and gas, power generation, marine, and other applications. Because our staff can combine broad expertise with that of our mechanical, civil/structural, electrical, and chemical engineers, as well as statisticians, chemists, and polymer scientists, we can provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to complex problem solving. Working in the consulting, product-development, and litigation-support arenas, Exponent assists clients over a diverse range of industries. Our wide view of materials issues spanning many industries and applications provides value to our clients in our ability to quickly and accurately solve complicated problems.

Exponent’s Materials and Corrosion Engineering staff hold professional licenses in metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, corrosion, and chemical engineering. Collectively, our metallurgists, polymer and corrosion scientists, electrochemists, and ceramists have many years of experience in the prevention and analysis of material failures. As a result of this close familiarity with all types of materials, our scientists and engineers have a unique ability to provide advice on how to avoid problems early in the design cycle, when materials are being selected.



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