Exponent’s Biomechanics consultants use scientific and engineering principles to analyze human motion, loading, and injury potential in a variety of transportation, industrial, and recreational settings. Whether we are investigating an accident or evaluating technologies designed to mitigate injury, we offer an unparalleled combination of experience and expertise in injury analysis and research. Our biomechanical analyses involve scientific evaluation of human movement and loading during a dynamic event, and the evaluation of that movement for purposes of assessing injury mechanics and injury potential. We examine the relationships between the forces applied to the human body, the motions of the human body, and the physical and mechanical damage to structures of the body. We also examine the relationships of these forces and motions to conditions that are diagnosed by medical personnel.

Through close interaction with our colleagues that specialize in accident reconstruction and human factors, we analyze the exposure of humans to a given loading environment, including injury potential, injury mechanics, and injury mitigation. Testing, frequently conducted with crash test dummies, can be used as confirmation or demonstration of our biomechanical analysis. Using this multidisciplinary approach and adhering to the scientific method, we are able to determine how and when a documented injury occurred during an incident, or whether a claimed injury is consistent with the exposure to a certain mechanical environment.



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