EMF & RF Exposure Assessments

Exponent engineers provide advisory and consulting support related to electric utilities, telecommunications, consumer electronics and medical devices.  Our consultants are involved with professional organizations, and regulatory agencies performing research involving electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) exposures.  Research regarding the potential human health effects of exposure to EMF and RF forms the scientific basis for exposure limits and provides a firm basis for the safe use of these technologies.

Working closely with epidemiologists and medical doctors in Exponent’s Health Practice, Exponent engineers are involved assessing EMF/RF exposure and potential human health effects of exposure to EMF and RF.  Examples of consulting and advisory activities include:

  • Advise state and local regulatory agencies on siting issues related to EMF/RF
  • Utility power plant and transmission line siting
  • Siting of radiofrequency facilities and cell phone antennas
  • Evaluate EMF/RF compliance with standards and regulations
  • Prepare environmental impact statements
  • Develop and implement methods to train/inform employees on EMF/RF safety
  • Assess potential health and environmental impacts of overhead, underground, submarine and DC transmission lines
  • Testify regarding the scientific basis and rationale for FCC exposure limits as well as ANSI and IEEE standards.

In performing these services, specific capabilities that our consultants employ to address clients’ needs may include:

  • Attend public meetings and hearings to answer the public’s questions about EMF/RF
  • EMF, Audible Noise (AN) and Radio Noise (RN) and air ion modeling/measurements of high voltage AC and DC transmission lines.
  • Substation EMF, AN and RN assessments
  • EMF mitigation such as optimal transmission line phasing, ferromagnetic shielding and passive loops.
  • EMI/EMC assessment (e.g., site evaluation studies)
  • RF safety evaluation, exposure models, measurements and modeling of: smart meters, mobile phones, WiFi, radio/tv broadcast, bluetooth and other RF sources.


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