Polymer Science & Materials Chemistry

Exponent’s Polymer Science and Materials Chemistry Practice (PSMC) is composed of scientists and engineers who focus on innovative, multidisciplinary solutions for materials, processes, and products starting at the atomic level. We apply our core competencies in chemistry, polymer science, and materials engineering and to support Exponent’s diverse external client base directly and in collaboration with other Exponent practices.

Exponent has a wide range of expertise in chemistry and macromolecular science. Our scientists and engineers provide technical expertise in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, surface and polymer science, and related products and manufacturing systems. Our expertise in natural and synthetic plastics, rubbers, adhesives, textiles, coatings, and composite systems includes a fundamental understanding of all aspects of chemistry, structure, processing, properties, and uses. Our engineers and scientists provide technical expertise that spans a variety of polymeric materials, product forms, formulations, and manufacturing processes across a broad array of industries.

Our expertise in materials chemistry includes electrochemistry, plasma chemistry, transport properties, nanomaterials, MEMS, thin film technologies, battery science, and the optimization of high value chemically-based processes. Our engineers and scientists solve problems involving various battery cell technologies, semiconductors, metal films, dielectrics, polymers, materials processing, catalysis, trace contaminant identification, pharmaceutical process chemistry, and interfacial chemistry.



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