Health Sciences

Exponent’s scientists, physicians, and regulatory specialists provide unparalleled, interdisciplinary expertise to evaluate the full range of environmental, occupational, and public health issues that face our nation and the world. These issues include potential health effects associated with environmental agents, chemicals, consumer products, food, and pharmaceutical products.  Members of our staff are leaders in developing the risk assessment methodologies that are essential to address the complexities of these health issues. Our national and international clients rely on us for incisive and objective assessments that address physical, chemical, and biological phenomena, to arrive at solutions that can be relied upon in making important decisions.

The Center for Health Sciences is organized into the following specialties:

By working with members of a variety of technical experts throughout the firm, including environmental scientists and engineers, we are able to leverage Exponent’s unparalleled  range of expertise to meet our client’s needs most effectively. Whatever your resource needs, Exponent can augment your regulatory, legal, and scientific team and provide flexible, strategic consulting, while maintaining our adherence to the highest scientific and ethical standards of performance.



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