Occupational & Environmental Health Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a systematic process for analyzing information on exposure and effects of toxic agents and other environmental hazards to assess the likelihood of adverse effects to health and safety of individuals and populations (i.e., health risks) potentially exposed to such agents. The process integrates information regarding whether a particular chemical is, or is not, casually linked to a particular health effect (hazard identification); the relation between the magnitude of exposure and the probability of occurrence of the health effect (dose-response or toxicity assessment); the route, duration and magnitude of exposure (exposure assessment); and the characterization of the nature and magnitude of health risk (risk characterization).

Risk assessments are used in a variety of contexts, including evaluating potential impacts of exposure to chemicals associated with consumer products, occupational settings, or specific contaminated sites, and in developing risk-based criteria to protect workers and the public. The risk assessment process is of necessity highly interdisciplinary to address complex health issues, and draws from diverse fields such as biology, chemistry, ecology, engineering, environmental sciences, industrial hygiene, mathematical modeling, medicine, public health, statistics, and toxicology.

Exponent’s Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Risk Assessment is composed of an interdisciplinary team of scientists, physicians, and engineers who have decades of experience assisting clients address and evaluate complex workplace and environmental health and safety questions. Our staff is highly knowledgeable in risk assessment methodologies and related analyses that critical components of many workplace practices and environmental regulatory decisions. Exponent’s consultants conduct site assessments to evaluate potential exposures to chemical, biological, and physical hazards in all types of media—air, water, food, and environmental surfaces. Our clients request risk assessments for regulatory purposes, including compliance with CERCLA and RCRA site regulations, OSHA workplace standards, CPSC and California Proposition 65 consumer product requirements, as well as chemical spills or emergencies, and for litigation purposes. Our specialists in Occupational and Environmental medicine have diverse corporate and clinical backgrounds, and have specialty training in environmental and occupational medicine, as well as clinical toxicology, that allows them to provide health consultation and related support services to companies and institutions around the world. We have collectively worked on thousands of cases of possible occupational exposures, safety investigations, and compliance investigations and have a broad array of experience on projects that cover the full range of occupational settings. In addition, our Atmospheric Sciences specialists assist clients with air dispersion and meteorological modeling.



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