Mechanical Engineering

Since the company’s inception as Failure Analysis Associates, the Mechanical Engineering practice at Exponent has specialized in both analyzing and preventing failures. The Mechanical Engineering practice has over 40 consultants across the United States who analyze how failures occur in mechanical systems, processes, and products, or why they may occur in the future. Our consultants hold both advanced degrees and Professional Engineering licenses, and use tools such as stress analysis, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computer Aided Design (CAD), and mechanical testing to evaluate the forces and factors affecting products and systems.

In recent years, our engagements have expanded to include the predictive, the preventive, and the proactive. We assist our clients in:

  • Reducing the risk of failure in the future.
  • Increasing the efficiency, reliability and/or effectiveness of the system, process or product.
  • Protecting intellectual property.

Exponent has developed a reputation for approaching these inquiries in a multidisciplinary manner that is a natural result of a complex world that demands the skills of technical and scientific specialists working collaboratively. The expertise embodied within the Mechanical Engineering practice provides the foundation for this multidisciplinary approach.

The markets and industries we serve are diverse because our core strength is first understanding and then solving complex issues. We do not offer “commoditized” solutions to industry-specific problems, but rather address issues across a variety of industries.



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