Mechanical Modeling & Simulation

Exponent uses modeling and simulation to assist in design and failure analysis by evaluating the effects of loads on systems or products.  The team comprises an interdisciplinary staff with experience in applying its integrated capabilities to a breadth of engineering issues.  Our projects range from medical devices to satellites to downhole tools for the oil and gas industry.  Exponent utilizes the most advanced software available for finite element analysis (Simulia Abaqus, ANSYS, and LS-Dyna) and fracture mechanics (Franc3D), and maintains a high performance computing cluster for executing simulations.  The team can tackle any modeling problem, no matter the size of the assembly or the complexity of the materials involved.  Additionally, Exponent’s laboratory facilities enable our team to obtain experimental results to supplement and validate our analytical models.


Our services include:

  • Finite element analysis
  • Fracture and fatigue analysis 
  • Vibration and rotating equipment evaluation
  • Material constitutive modeling, testing, and evaluation
  • Coupled structural, thermal, and fluid dynamics analysis 
  • Fluid/structure interaction analysis

Figure 1. Damage to an I-beam due to detonation of explosives during demolition.

Figure 2. Shearing of a large diameter drill collar with a BOP shear ram.

Figure 3. Analysis of new hydroelectric rotors to assess compliance with specifications.

Figure 4. Impact of soccer ball on fire sprinkler guard.

Figure 5. Braided wire nitinol neurovascular aneurysm device in its initial shape, crimped onto a catheter, and then deployed into a bifurcation aneurysm.



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