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With almost 50 years of experience in the buildings and structures community, Exponent's team of architects and engineers investigates failures of the built environment and provides recommendations to help prevent failures. Our consultants have a broad range of experience that includes buildings, bridges, cranes, industrial structures, nuclear facilities, temporary structures used in construction, and other special structures. Our long history assisting clients includes working closely with developers, building and facility owners, transportation departments, engineers and architects, contractors and construction managers, insurance firms and sureties, manufacturers of building components, and their attorneys.

We provide clients with in-depth investigations of complex problems, and develop independent findings that have a sound technical basis. When remedial work is required, we develop appropriate cost-effective solutions. Our consultants are able to present the results of complex investigations in simple terms that can be readily understood by laypersons.

A representative sample of the types of services Exponent provides includes identification of construction defects; damage assessment due to hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters; building envelope studies; evaluation of material performance; structural health monitoring; and cause and origin studies analyses. We often are on-site to investigate construction accidents within hours of the actual failure. Our cause and origin evaluation involves determining the technical cause(s) and contributing factors to the failure, and often include evaluating the roles and responsibilities of architects, engineers, and other parties involved in the design and construction process. We also conduct peer reviews for complex structures.

The Buildings and Structures practice works closely with other Exponent consultants, such as geotechnical engineers and geologists, schedule and cost consultants, electrical and mechanical engineers, metallurgical and corrosion engineers, fire protection professionals, and visual communication professionals.



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